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Frequently Asked Questions

This  application  was  created  for  foreigners  in  JAPAN!
This  app  provides  assistance  for  employment,  apartment-hunting,  and  any  other  visa  related  concerns,  as  well  as  methods  of  overseas  remittances  and  more
Yes  we  have.  

You  can  login  by  clicking  the  button  at  the  top  right.
You  are  logged-in  successfully  if  you  see  a  green  light  surrounding  your  profile  picture  located  top  right.

*Please  enter  your  profile  image  after  registering  newly.
First,please  reset  your  password  by  clicking  at  "Forgot  Your  Password?"
Second  please  enter  your  email  address.And  then  you  will  receive  the  activation  code,  please  enter  the  it  code.

It  will  take  you  to  a  new  page  to  reset  your  password.  
Please  change  your  password  by  clicking  "Change  password"  in  my  Account  page.
We  have  a  website  designated  for  employers.  Please  create  an  account  and  proceed  on  creating  your  job  postings.

If  you  have  any  questions  please  do  not  hesitate  to  reach  us  at:

                       e-mail:  info@j-work.jp
Create  your  account  →  Find  a  job  →  Go  Apply→  Apply  →Complete

(A  confirmation  email  will  be  sent  on  your  e-mail  address.)

(A  confirmation  email  will  be  sent  on  your  e-mail  address)
You  can  confirm  it  on  your  account  page.  
Please  select  "Applied  jobs"or  You  can  check  it  on  the  confirmation  e-mail  you  received.
Unfortunately  you  can't  cancel  it  from  J-work. Please  contact  the  company  you  applied  a  job  directly.
Please  directly  contact  the  company  you  applied  to.
       There  may  be  delays  from  their  side,  so  please  reach  out  to  them  regarding  your  job  application.

1.  Please  check  your  email  for  confirmation  details.
2.  Please  check  your  spam  if  you  didn't  receive  the  confirmation  email.
3.  Please  double  check  the  information  you  provided  during  your  job  application  online.
Please  refer  to  the  following
       ☆student  visa  /  1  week:up  to  28  hours
       ☆working  visa  /  1  week:  up  to  40  hours
Please  click  the  "school"  tab  in  the  other  support  services,  and  check  the  process  of  coming  to  Japan  as  a  student.
・You  can  get  a  visa
   ・A  good  education  culture,  even  after  graduation  you  will  still  be  properly  guided  when  you  work  in  a  company.
       ・A  relationship  based  on  friendly  competition.
       ・Be  able  to  learn  Japanese  society  and    business  manner
       ・Gain  the  confidence  to  be  able  to  get  on  well  with  any  person.
・Make  Japanese  friends (to  learn  by  speaking)
     ・Watch  Japanese  news  (to  learn  by  listening)
         ・Say  something  you  learned  repeatedly
We're  always  here  for  you.  You  can  always  talk  to  us  anytime.

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